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bobbi jo

Bobbi Jo and Mitchell were driven to seclusion by their hatred of people. As hermits in the woods a cold winter had scarce resources. Hunger lead to desperation, and desperation lead to finding a new food source. A lone hunter in the woods became Mitchell’s prey, and then their meal. Thus the salacious appetite for such a delicacy became a habit fed by victims of traps along the road and in the woods. Hatred for people pushed them to seclusion but love for flesh brought them back to town. Their hotel provides a steady supply of meals and the owner on Bobbi Jo’s chopping block ensures free rent. I wonder who will be the next apple of their eye. Bobbi Jo is ready to prepare another excellent meal for her love.


A quiet introvert to most. Rather awkward. Reserved. Quiet. Socially inept. To most. That’s because clown could never really be himself. And clown definitely didn’t have any place to clown around. His style was too dark, his jokes too crass, his laugh too maniacal. To most. Then he decided to move and went searching for a new place to call home. He made a stop in Griffin and after a night of clowning to see what Griffin was about he caught the eye of Bobbi Jo and Mitchel. As he approached the hotel in full garb and blood on his hands Bobbi Jo asked if he was ok. The blood was from a stray animal he killed as part of his show. The interest of Bobbi Jo and Mitchell was now piqued. They tagged along on his next adventure to join the hunt, but for more than just stray animals and for more than just giggles.


Tortured by life, Jacky found the perfect place to call home. kicked off her pro softball team for attacking the coach with her bat killed one dream and ruthless family burned any twigs that remained of that bridge. being left behind as her team travelled on left Jacky at a hotel with little more than a bat and endless rage. As she wandered the park after hours she stumbled across an obscure site. as clown threw a rabbit into the air jacky came out of nowhere and decimated it with a home run blast. blood sprayed everywhere and a new friend was made. little did she know, this was the introduction to her neighbor and new family. it's her time to be an all-star.


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